Fit our purpose

Tribes International BV with our office in Amsterdam is a Conglometric firm that provides a wide range of services in sectors such as real estate developments, hospitality, transportation, energy and agriculture. The company was formed by a group of individuals that understand today’s business and technological requirements in different environments.

Through our experience and multicultural background, we offer our clients unique trade strategies. We back this up through our networks and continual investment in knowledge aimed at understanding broader industry issues and trends as they develop.

  • Other Present Project
    • Other than our main sectors, we design, build and manage both residential commercial properties at good locations in different cities.
  • Future Opportunities
    • Our background and experience in managing different projects in different cultural settings enable us to embrace opportunities that require our expertise to develop projects in such challenging environments.
  • Developments in the Past
    • Our achievement in designing and development of different projects in The Nederland, China, Nigeria, Gambia and South Africa has enabled us to differentiate ourselves as a company with dynamic core values.


To connect people in a way everyone understands. Our core value is in our passion for all our stakeholders, creating an effective and efficient trading environment to build upon our businesses.


To use the assets of our diversity to combine stakeholder’s resources from around the world in order to create a happy return on investment in the market we serve.