Sustainability & CSR

Our Suppy Chain

We understand our involvements and the impact of different projects on the environments and the risk they carry along. We constructively use our ‘material after use’ policy to manage and monitor projects and suppliers in concern code of conducts. We aim to minimize greenhouse gas emission at all stages of our business.
We analyse different culture and their sensitivity to under-age labor, human right, and law enforcement policy and against corruption at all level.

Our People

Our Networks and people are the driving force behind our success. As a company with people of different culture and backgrounds, non-discrimination and equal opportunities is in our organizational culture. We continue to invest professionally in our people and creating an environment to improve on their talents.

Tribes Community Commitment (TCC)

Bike 2 School Program is an initiative program lunched by Tribes International in September 2013, to promote and support education for children in developing countries. Children in developing countries many times have to travel a long distance to the closest school, mostly by feet. This long travel takes time and energy, which of course are better used in the classes.
By reducing the travel time and the effort of going to school, the Bike 2 School Program hopes to incline the schoolchildren population and especially class attendance in developing countries.

This is aimed by offering these children a bike to overcome the distance from home to school and school to home.

The Bike 2 School Program is depending on donations. The donations can either be new or used bikes. You can decide over your own donation.